The Hunger Games

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This is a course of the Semester S3 English Gymnasium Heidberg. It deals with the topic of the novel and the film "The Hunger Games" and it is part of the overall topic "Literary Visions of the future". Students provide numerous videos regarding different aspects of this topic, especially regarding the aspect of totalitarianism. This is a course which is first and foremost designed for the course and the students itself; but it of course can be used by any other student looking and searchin for material.

For all my students:

Please watch and study the video provided by me carefully and fulfill the tasks. The question and answer will have to be done one week after your next exam, so the 2nd of

Schlagwörter: Hunger Games Novel Book Film Totalitarianism Literary Visions of the Future

  This is a short Video done by me which will tell you how to proceed after the exam  
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  How to write an interior monologue  
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