1. What is learnity.com?

learnity.com is THE place for online learning. It doesn’t matter whether school pupil or university student, whether on the job or for leisure, anyone can become an expret at learnity.com. We offer one platform for everything! Anyone can learn here and broaden their horizons, or share their own knowledge with others and earn some money by doing so. Numerous videos, learning material, experts‘ profiles, Forums, and more are available for you on over 70 topic pages. Each topic page contain 4 „drawers“ where you can expand your knowledge. You’re more of a visual learner? Then use video courses and expert portaits to further develop your knowledge and yourself. With learning materials and community forums, you can share and exchange information with others in the community.

2. How can I use learnity.com?

Simply call up the learnity.com website on your Web Browser and use the navigation bar on our homepage to find the area you wish to explore. You can, of course, also use the the website on your smartphone or tablet. Everything is interconnected and brilliantly navigable.

3. Can I also use learnity.com on my mobile/Tablet?

Yes! Our system recognises automatically if you are using a mobile device (e.g. your mobile phone or tablet) or your PC/laptop. learnity is completely responsive, brilliantly navigable, and usable on all devices.

4. What can I find in the pillar School?

learnity.com School means both learning and teaching, for both pupils and teachers as one. Under the pillar School you can find anything and everything about school-life. Watch courses or upload some yourself. Be active in the forums, and discuss current learning material or video courses with the community. Upload your own learning material or use those uploaded by others for your benefit. Learn important languages like English, Latin, or French with us. Find out more about the natural sciences, or improve your grades in mathematics. Learn important topics from the humanities, or be creative in the arts or music.
Not only online tutorials and exercises, but also elucidating texts are available under School for all subjects. You can learn here, but also give tutorials yourself. Be active in the community forums and ask questions, or answer others‘ questions. Whether primary school, junior high (Classes 5-6), middle school (classes 7-10), or senior (classes 11-13), any school pupil can find something here.

5. What does „Year 1/Year 2“ on the navigation bar mean?

The „Year“ represents the amount of years spent learning a certain language in the German school system. So that if you learned English in school for 2 years, you are now in „Year 2“.

6. What can I find in the pillar Studies?

In the pillar Studies, you can find everything about the study-courses that you find interesting, or that you are already taking. Courses, forums, and learning material about the important university courses: From A for anthropology to Z for Zoology. Natural sciences, social sciences, techical courses, and much more. Online Exams, lecture notes, and community forums are available for your chosen course of study. Naturally, you have the option of uploading your own learning materials or video courses; you don’t have to be a professor to teach others.

7. What can I find in the pillar Career?

In the pillar Career, you can find everything to get ahead at work and become successful. IT-topics such as EDP, software, and programming are no longer a terra incognita. Useful tips for sales, marketing, rhetoric and presentation, and career-planning make the road to professional success easier. Important information about economics, management, and law in the real world are also available to you here. Personal development is also possible for you through our courses.

8. What can I find in the pillar Leisure?

learnity.com Leisure ist he place for online learning all about your hobbies and pass-time activities. Videos, learning material, and forums are awaiting you. Be THE man or woman in the „Home & Garden“ and „Fashion & DIY“ categories. Express yourself in the „Photography“, „Music“, and „Style & Beauty“ categories. Stay fit with help from our „Health & Fitness“, and „Sports“ tips. Impress everyone with newly-acquired knowledge from „Literature“, „History & Politics“, and „Art & Culture“ categories. Make parenting easier by looking up tips on our „Parenting“ page. Check out „Kid Stuff & Young People“ for fun pass-time for the young and young at heart. Learn on our „Languages“ or satisfy your wanderlust on our „Traveling“ pages. Practice for your license test, or learn to understand the technology with „Motor“ pages. Learn everywhere, and at any time anything you want and love, or share your knowledge and skills with others, and use the chance to earn some moeny as you do.

9. What does it cost to use the platform?

learnity.com is free of costs for all users. The only costs are for the direct purchases for downloading courses and learning materials with a price tag. These costs depend on the price tag.

My Account

1. How can I register with learnity.com?

To register with learnity.com ist simple and quick. All you need to do is call up the website on your browser and click on „free registration.“ There, you only need to enter your email address, and you can open your own learnity.com account.

2. How do I change my password?

When you are logged in, you can change your password easily under „My Profile/Edit My Profile.“

3. What do I do if I forget my password?

When logging in, you can find a link „forgot your password?“ You can easily request a new password by clicking it.

4. How do I connect my learnity.com account with Facebook?

This is not yet possible, but this feature will soon be available.

5. What happens to my data?

Your data is, of course, handledd discretely and with care, and ist not used for other means. You can read exactly what we do with data under http://www,learnity.com/suppport_datenschutz

6. How can I delete my learnity.com account?

If you would like to delete your account, send us an email at Support@learnity.info and we’ll get right to it.

7. How can I invite friends/other users to learnity.com, and is there anything in it for me?

When you are logged in, you can find under „My Profile/My Invitations/Invite Friends“ a form with which you can invite your friends and contacts to learnity.com. You will get, depending on circumstances, credit on your purchasing acccount for buying content on learnity.com.


1. What methods of payment are available on learnity.com?

You can fill your learnity.com purchasing account conveniently and securely over PayPal and Sofortüberweisung.de.

2. How can I change saved payment data?

No payment data are saved on learnity.com. You can refill your account over our external payment providers with each purchase individually. Your data is then only accessable to the payment providers.

3. Where can I see if my payment was completed?

When logged in, you can see all your transactions under „My Profile/My Account,“ and download a receipt for each one. Everything is made simple and with complete transperancy.

4. How do I earn money on learnity.com?

Give tutorials, become a teacher, or hobby-guru. Upload video courses, and/or adjoin course material for your course. Upload learning material. Whether exams, lecture notes, or scripts – you decide how you earn your money. 4 Chances are available to you: Put a price on your course, or stick a price tag on your course material. You can choose what you charge for your learning material, or put everything up for free and make your money with advertisements on your content. You can choose between earning 50% from the turnover, or 50% from advertisement earnings.

5. Starting when can I earn money on learnity.com, and how/when will my earnings be paid out?

You can start making money immediately if your uploaded content is bought by users, or if many users visit your pages and see the advertisements.
Your earnings from selling your content is visible in real-time and with an exact time stamp under „My Profile/My Account/Earnings Account.“ Your earnings from advertisement is also documented there at the end of each month.

6. How long are fee-based courses/learning material available for?

There’s no limited access time on learnity.com. You can download learning material months after your purchase as well.

7. Where can I have an overview of my purchased content?

When logged in, you can find all the purchases you made under „My Profile/My Purchases“ to review or click.

8. Where can I find an overview of my receipts?

When logged in, you can get a detailed overview of all your expeses and the receipt for them under „My Profile/My Account/Purchasing Account.“

9. How do I put up a price tag on my video courses/learning material?

You are automatically asked whether you wish to put a price on your content when uploading. There, you can simply enter your price, and it will automatically be attached to your content. You can also change your price at any time, for example, to start special sales for certain occasions, like the end of the semester.

10. Can I put a price tag on my video course/learning material later as well?

You can go to „My Profile/My Courses and Learning Materials/Course Overview“ or „Learning Material Overview“ at any time and edit or review your content and put up a price tag, change it, or remove it entirely.

11. Why do I have to upload my ID as an expert?

Due to §160 AO we have to verify all receivers of payments.

Technical questions

1. Which browser do we recommend?

learnity.com is an html5-based platform. This enables learnity.com for most devices like pcs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. html5 is quite new and has still problems on some browsers. learnity.com is best viewed on Google chrome.

2. How do I upload learning material?

We have several helpful videos for this issue, which you can find under the experts on learnity.com.

3. How do I upload video course?

We have several helpful videos for this issue, which you can find under the experts on learnity.com.

4. How do I download learning material?

You simply click on „Download“ on the learning material you wish to use.

5. What are the technical requirements if I want to make a video?

We have several helpful videos for this issue, which you can find under the expert on learnity.com.

6. How do I delete video courses or learning materials that I uploaded?

You can deactivate your content at any time simply and easily. The content, then, cannot be desplayed or purchased. The materials cannot, however, be deleted, so that users who have purchased it can view it.

7. Where can I find all my uploaded files/courses??

When logged in, you can find overviews for all your content under „My Profile/My Courses and Learning Materials.“

8. Can video courses be downloaded as well?

You can view videos on our portal at any time, even on the road on your smartphone or tablet. A download function is not yet available, though.

9. How many learning materials/video courses may I upload/download?

There are no limits. You could upload everything you know and wish to share.

10. How can I change the name of learning material/video courses I already uploaded?

You can change any detail about your course. Simply go to „My Profile/My Courses and Learning Materials“ and click on the content you wish to review and change.

11. Do users have to be registered to see my materials?

No. Free content can be seen by all learnity.com users. If the material or video course has a price tag, users must be registered to be able to purchase those material or videos.

12. Can I ask questions about the content of video courses?

You can ask a question any time you like about any video on the community forums.

13. What can I do if my question remains unanswered?

It is, of course, possible that experts can’t answer every question about their own course. In that case, you can pass your question to the entire community; there will always be someone to talk to there.

14. What could I do if my video course doesn’t play right?

In this case, make sure that your source material works properly. If it is in order, try to upload your video again at a later time.

15. How can I give video course/learning materials a review?

There is a „Review“ button on every content overview. By clicking on it, you can give the chosen content between 1 and 5 stars.

16. How do I report reviews? (e.g. abusive language or transgressions against the Terms and Conditions?)

There is a a „Report“ button on every content overview. By clicking on it, you can report the content and give a description of the problem.

17. How can I find specific content or experts?

You can find a search bar on learnity.com which allows you to search for specific content directly. To do so, simply enter the name oft he course or the material, or expert. Naturally, you are able to do so in every pillar.